Introduction  中心简介

BSF Retreat Centre Proposal

The proposed BSF Retreat Centre is situated amidst the soaring canopies of Hulu Langat Forest Reserve, the 3.68 acres land is surrounded by lush green hills at an altitude of 320 meters above-sea-level. Its unspoilt environment with breathtaking sceneries and cool, pure mountain air at a mere 30 km from Kuala Lumpur city centre is ideal for education retreat and integration of the practice of Buddhadharma.



地理位置离开吉隆坡市中心约30公里 坐落在雪兰莪州乌鲁冷岳县的翠绿山岭,占地3.68英亩,海拔320公尺,周遭被连绵起伏的群山及苍茫云海缘依环绕着,环境波澜壮丽,景色优美,是一个远离喧嚣尘世,沐浴在大自然的培训中心及修行场所。